NaNoWriMo 2017

A week in to Nanowrimo. Stop. I have 11,637 words. Stop. That’s only 29 words behind the goal. Stop. …Although I wrote most of it on Sunday, per normale. Stop.

This year I am attempting a sequel to my vampire-hunting-romance, A Horde of Gummies. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, A Horde of Gummies follows a schoolteacher and a vampire/gummy hunter and a couple of vampire-antagonistic vampires in Buffalo, New York.


A Host of Monarchs is set in the vampire homeworld, Darkworld, and follows a grief-torn vampire who lived on Earth for 300 years and has returned in pursuit of revenge against the vampires’ natural predator, monarchs, which are large mind-controlling monsters.  It is not a romance. And it’s not very funny either. In fact, set in a world with no sunlight, it’s kind of a downer so far. I hope to change that shortly, when I introduce the human teenager whom the vampire will need to protect. I’m thinking a snarky, overconfident social-justice-warrior type guy… but I’ve got to pull that off without making him too annoying.

…Actually it’s weird that I’m 1/5 of the way through already. The story has barely started! Oops. And there I was worried about making this plot last 50,000 words.

Anyway, nobody wants to read my rambling. Carry on, NaNo Mice. Remember the most important thing is to simply continue—no matter what direction. (Story Cubes are great for this.)

Tally ho.

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