Salutations, My Demo

Salutations, my demo, how are you today?
What are you doing? What do you have to say?
New features to explore? What will I find?
I will use you, my demo, all on my own time.

Salutations, my demo, free from all charge,
Better than the other ‘like’ apps at large.
What’s this, a bug? Or maybe two?
I’ll find a workaround, and keep using you.

Salutations, my demo, what do you have to say?
You suggest that perhaps I should upgrade?
There are more things you could do for me,
But I prefer you simple, simple and free.

No serial numbers, no codes to remember,
no updates needed — oh but only for free.
You are my demo, my friend, my companion,
It took but one click, and another (and another), then you were with me.

Salutations, my demo, how are you today?
You have not expired and I like you that way.
I’ll use you forever, never have to pay….
Salutations my demo, come, come this way.


(Published in the online version of the Spring 2012 edition of SLCC Folio.)

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