About the Site:

Welcome to the blog for author Myra Karine, where she posts… stuff. (And talks about herself in 3rd person.)

See her book reviews on this other blog.

About the Author:

Myra Karine lives in Utah (USA). She is currently unpublished, unrepresented, and unread (aside from a few special members of her immediate family). More…

About the Works:

Here are some projects I’m working on now. I primarily write fantasy novels. See a full list of my books and stories in the Library.

CAUTION: This is a Book: Just another modern Alice In Wonderland (or Gulliver’s Travels). The sarcastic and almost crafty protagonist falls into a crazy world where, after fleeing rabid peacocks, she sets herself up as a monk and sets off on a religious quest. More…

About 3 Minutes: A musical school romance fantasy. Naomi Littleton always sees 2:55 into the future. Where did the curse come from, and how can she get rid of it? Her dream, curse or no curse, is to spend her life involved in music. Dreams start to come true when she gets a scholarship to the prestigious Claire Monet Academy of the Arts. More…

WitchLyre: Adventure fantasy. Pol is a mercenary battle witch fond of changing sides when her own side is losing. Years ago she absconded from the powerful guild of witches, the WitchLyre, and they’ve been trying to get her back ever since. In a war between 3 major powers, Pol needs to choose a side. More…

Ignolopi (series): Adventure fantasy. The history of Ignolopi is told in a series of playful novellas. In modern day Ignolopi, the allies are at war with a foreign power, all because of the manipulations of a maniacal warlord. Latest book: Hiko’s Word. More about Ignolopi

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