A full list of my works in alphabetical order. Read the complete History for the timeline, progress, failures, and successes.

[I will continue to add pages and links to more information about some of these works. Not all of them. Some are simply too horrible.]

A good fortune (short story) (Ignolopi)

A Horde of Gummies

A Woman’s Heart (short story)

About 3 Minutes

the Adventures of Garl and Ern (Ignolopi)

Ash is Reborn as Snow

the beautiful creature (short story) (Ignolopi?)

Beauty (short)

Benjamin learns a lesson (short story)

Blood Queen (unfinished)

BODAD: Warriors of the Bow (Ignolopi)

The Book of Peace (Pre-Ignolopi)

The Bow and the Cheetah (Ignolopi)

Brit & Liss

CAUTION: This is a Book

ChickenLittle (short story)

Corporeal Substantiation (short story)

Domni, Terren, Elder (unfinished)

Donria (unfinished)

Elephant Hunting (short story)

Eryn (unfinished)

Fantastic School (unfinished)

The Fourth Princess of Bengal

Ghost Keeper

Hansel and Grettal (short story)

Hiko’s Word (Ignolopi)

The House (unfinished)

How the dinosaurs died out (short story)

How the rainbow became (short story) (Ignolopi?)

How the Sphynx became (short story)

The Feathers (short story) (Ignolopi)

The Fires of Hell

the frog, Prince (short story)

The girl (pre-Ignolopi)

The green haired man (Ignolopi)

The Horses (short story)

the idiot (short story)

If It’s Endless (unfinished)

The Jimmberals (unfinished)


Kanin’s Orb (Ignolopi)

Keisha (short story)

The Lavender

Little Red Riding Hood (short story) (unfinished)

Loki! (Ignolopi)

Marry Christmas (unfinished)

Melodramatics of a Confused World (unfinished) (Ignolopi?)

Mirror Image (Ignolopi)

Mr. Alligator and the Canary (short story)

My composition (short story)

My Name is Writing (short story)

One man and his thoughts (pre-Ignolopi)

Our own time (short story)

Pumpkin Eater

The rabbit family (Ignolopi)

Sailboat Jaack Rabbit (Ignolopi)

Sasy and Phil (Ignolopi)

Sayonara (short story) (unfinished)

The Story (unfinished)

Story of a Bird (unfinished)

Supreme Ruler (short story)


Talking Beauty (Ignolopi)

The ten calendars (short story)

The three little pigs (short story)

Torn Be Mount Tween Aains (Ignolopi)

Totefali (unfinished) (kinda Ignolopi)

TWHD (unfinished)

The vain string bean (unfinished)

Water Chestnut

When We Were They (short story)


Shorts (really short stories)


Ideas (ideas without names)

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