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These Terms of Service and my Privacy Policy apply to my website (myrakarine.com) and my blog (myrareadthis.wordpress.com).

Terms of Service

By using my website or blog, you agree to my terms of service.

  • Don’t copy my stuff without my permission.
  • I use cover art that does not belong to me only in the way it is intended: to highlight the book. You may not use that cover art off of my sites in any way differently than you may use it off of Google or Amazon.
  • The site uses cookies.
  • I often link to the Amazon Smile pages of products so you can easily contribute to your selected charity with each purchase.


If you request me to review your book, and I agree, I’ll post that review on my blog https://myrareadthis.wordpress.com and will state that I received a free copy. I’ll also probably post the review on Amazon. If you want to request I post or don’t post in certain places, I will do my best in consideration of your request.

I try to be honest in my reviews. I may leave out harsher criticisms when I’ve interacted with the author personally, but I won’t say anything I don’t mean!

Also, I may get stuff wrong in my reviews. Bring it to my attention and I’ll fix it.

Privacy Policy

I don’t sell your data. I don’t give away your data.

I’ll only send you emails if you contact me, or if you expressly sign up for my newsletter (which I don’t have yet anyway). And I don’t share your email with anyone else.

WordPress collects stats on site visits which help me analyze how effective my site is and how large the audience is. I don’t share this data either.

I don’t pay for my blog domain (myrareadthis.wordpress.com) and thus WordPress will throw ugly and intrusive ads there. I have no control over these ads.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection (“COPPA”)

This website is not directed toward children under 13 years of age.