The world of Cerinoit has 4 discovered continents: Tioryr, Vrigle, Kisanumi, and Effisterneia. Ignolopi is a country on Tioryr, with the richest magical history as recorded by the Scribe of Ignolopi.

See my really awesome map that I created in AppleWorks. So. Long. Ago. It may not follow anything resembling actual rules of geography.


The gods created Tagikiasta to follow Earth. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and the gods scrapped Tagikiasta and migrated to Cerinoit. (The gods are jerks.) Few people now remember Tagikiasta and its direct influence on the prosperity of the modern world.

The girl → the gods direct the start of civilization.

Book of Peace → The world is war-torn and confused, then settles down. The gods have a lot of kids, because those should work out really well. The god of death Kite’el experiments with necromancers. The world enters an era of prosperity.

One Man and His Thoughts → 3000 years later, the well-meaning but inept king Assyria does nothing to prevent the rise of the Oleptia’mee’eiod, who drains the world of magic, beginning its destruction.

Creation Age

When a world is first created, the gods infuse it with some magic and life and let the rest develop organically. Also, they were busy trying to salvage Tagikiasta, so they weren’t paying much attention to Cerinoit at this time.

Garl & Ern → In the beginning, there were talking animals.

The Green-Haired Man → The origin story of the 3 countries of Tioryr. (But actually just Ignolopi because the countries aren’t THAT small or close together.)

Bodad → The Bringer of Death and Destruction whose actions created Jarismel and propelled Tioryr into progress and innovation.

Loki → The god Kite’el begins his influence in Cerinoit by creating the first necromancer. I think they overthrow a tyrant. (and other stuff I can’t remember right now)

Kanin’s Orb → The rise and defeat of the warlord magician Kanin, who possessed a dangerous magic orb.

Talking Beauty → the history continues to follow the rulers of Ignolopi.

Fairy Age

Sasy & Phil → the magical creatures of Cerinoit have stayed in Vrigle for thousands of years… but now there are dragons in Ignolopi.

A JUST AND WORTHWHILE MAGIC → The events leading to the first amiable alliance between Jarismel and Ignolopi. Also, dragons begin to disappear.

Rabbit Age

The Rabbit Family → the royal family is overthrown and turned into rabbits. This is the story of how they get back into power and become human again.

Sailboat Jaack Rabbit → the spoiled princess (who used to be a rabbit) goes on a coming-of-age adventure.

The Bow & The Cheetah → the origin story of Jareld Dinian of Vrigle, who becomes the Scribe of Ignolopi. The ascension of a goddess, and the beginning of the modern era.

Age of Valen

Mirror Image → demons are infesting humans, driving them crazy—and granting them alarming powers. An unlikely band of fighters form to protect one mentally unstable girl. Meanwhile, Dinian clashes with the current monarchy of Ignolopi, and must protect his magical friends from an increasingly powerless post. Strange-looking people have appeared, who do not speak any recognizable language.

Hiko’s Word  (latest book) → Tioryr is suddenly at war with Kisanumi, and Dinian must gather fighters to protect his land. Across the ocean, the monk Hiko must become a fighter to protect her own homeland against these demonic foreigners.

Torn Be Mount Tween Aains (incomplete) → Across a different ocean lies the land of Effesterneia, where the mainland is divided by a range of mountains that split the people between those with magic, and those without. A group of non-magicals find themselves thrown into an adventure that will take them across the sea to Tioryr. Finally, the pieces start coming together.

(up next) but it’s too late. Valen has enslaved Tioryr, he holds the reins in Kisanumi, and his next target is his birthplace Effesterneia. It’s Oleptia’mee’eiod all over again. Heroes must rise.

(Totefali) (incomplete) (side story) → In secret and without permission, a few of the gods who loved old Earth created a copy. Unintentionally, this Earth.2 is linked with Vrigle through the fairy lights. A schoolgirl is caught up in an assassination plot.