The Fourth Princess of Bengal: Chapter 17

Chapter 17 : The Light of Bengal

To describe beauty is to describe subjective values based on things held dear in the heart and clear in the memory, yet the beauty of the Bengal princesses has been written hundreds of times in hundreds of ways, with varying similarities but always the same conclusion.

Setting eyes on the first princess, any one might declare her the meaning of all that is beauty; in her hair the deepest black, in her eyes gently smiling, in her soft honeyed skin, in the grace of her steps.

Next beholding the second princess, this same one might proclaim her the aspect of beauty itself; in her hair smooth as ink, in her eyes large and shining, in the charming roundness of her cheeks, in the honesty of her posture.

Should the third princess enter now into the sight of this same one, it would take but a moment for her to be compared to what men mean when they speak of the beauty of the natural world; in her dark hair precise as mountain peaks, in the superior gaze from palm-leaf eyes, in the confident set of her jaw, in the strength of her stance.

Could this same one choose from these three jewels the brightest star of Bengal? No, for she is not among them. Welcome now to these even scales the fourth princess of Bengal.

From both her eyes shone a creamy pool, from each strand of her hair floated a tendril of stardust, from every fingertip misted a touch of magic. It was in the way she walked, as easy as rays bending and weaving; it was in the way she spoke, as soft as sun diffused through canvas; it was in the way she danced, as the moon dances over waves on the shore; it simply was.

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