The Fourth Princess of Bengal: Chapter 16

Chapter 16 : The Fourth Princess of Bengal

As her sisters were dark, the fourth princess was light. As the elder princesses stood tall and confident, the youngest shuffled her feet in corners and in shadow, for she was mindful of her appearance and shy towards all but her family.

Hiding behind her pale eyes was a restless spirit on the verge of laughter, noting the joys of the world as quick as she could note the colors. There was never a child so loved and doted on as the princess Saeng, the Light of Bengal.

While Tigra was quick to criticize, she curbed her rebukes toward Saeng.

Where Snow rarely listened to those criticisms, she listened as Saeng remarked on her inventions and her art.

And though Lynx was defiant to all thought apart her own, quick to laugh at the mistakes of others, and in her mind in unyielding competition at every moment, she was fierce as her cat in protecting the happiness of her little sister.

“When my sisters do so much for me, there is no possibility of my ever giving as much back to them, for they are worth my very life.”

Those words of Saeng were written in the history books of Bengal, so we know them to be true.

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