The Fourth Princess of Bengal: Chapter 10

Chapter 10 : The Untamed Subject

The third princess of Bengal was more work than both of her sisters put together.

She could best every man in combat of any kind, she could cook anything, compose music, sing, dance, weave tapestries, make hairpieces, and balance on her hands for minutes at a time.

But whatever Satti asked of her, she refused to do.

“Your child is impossible,” Satti told his third wife.

“My child is perfect. Your child needs discipline,” she would say.

You wanted to raise her.”

You set her loose to do what she pleased.”

“A child must have freedom.”

“You planned every minute I did not object to.”

“She’s your daughter.”

“You’re her king.”

And thus they would argue, neither really meaning it, both unsure how to manage the third princess.

“She’s simply rebelling a little. It will all be well. I did as much,” said Tigra.

“I didn’t notice,” said the third queen, and the other queens laughed, for they had noticed, but none of them knew what to do with the third princess either.

Lynx was impossible, unruly, ill-mannered, loud, and unkind. Snow was the only one who could ask her to do anything, and it was Snow who helped Satti control his most untamable subject.

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