The Fourth Princess of Bengal: Chapter 9

Chapter 9 : The Angel of Earth

The second princess of Bengal was a dreamer.

As a baby, she fell in love with the snow leopard cub, and would sneak away from her attendants to sleep by his side. “You cannot sleep all day,” her mother chastised, brushing the dirt from her hair. “If he can I can too,” the child replied. It was not that the second princess was lazy, it was only that she loved all things, and when she put her head to the side, and smiled, and gazed with those big, round eyes, all things loved her.

“My angel of earth!” cried her father, pulling an arrow from the wood by his head, “You must learn to aim!” To which Snow smiled dreamily and looked back down to earth. “It was a bird of fortune, sent your way,” she said, causing her sisters to laugh, and her father to sigh, for Snow would wield no weapon with any seriousness.

But Snow was lovely, and kind, and skilled in many things should she put her mind to it. Once, she built herself a cart to carry buckets of paint, and she constructed a mural on the south side of the castle walls. She was gone for days and caused all manner of panic, until Tigra looked over the wall and saw her laughing in the sunlight, covered head to toe in paints, in blues and purples, yellows and whites.

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