The Fourth Princess of Bengal: Chapter 1

The Fourth Princess of Bengal

Part 1
The Beast King

Chapter 1 : The Beast King

Once upon a time in the beautiful country of Bengal there was a great warrior king known as the Beast King. He was so called because legend had it he was raised by giant cats and that was why he was so fierce and so wise.
To the people of his palace he was no less great and wise, only less mystical, for many of them had served his parents and knew that he had been raised by them and was a real man whose real name was Buthraman Satti.

Buthraman Satti was born under the North Star and named heir by his father who expected him to carry out the expansion of the then small country of Telano. Satti exceeded all expectations by leading his father’s armies to conquer Danna, then Indis, then Crea, and when his father died, King Buthraman Satti renamed his country Bengal and under a new flag led his own army to overcome Hanna and Minos and Pirish. It was then people began whispering about the Beast King.

Satti’s victories so far had been over small kingdoms barely considered countries, like a schoolmaster calming a crowd of unruly children and setting them to productive studies. But Satti was not content with the number of cities flying his flag, and continued to wage war with his neighbors, though not all resisted and not all did he march against. Satti’s allies grew, only his enemies grew faster.

Satti outwitted them all.

At last it came to be that the countries posing a threat to Bengal were but three: Jarma, Tha’Jun, and Laumphon. Beyond these old kingdoms was a vast desert, beyond the desert an even vaster land of foreign people and unknown cities. The kings of Jarma, Tha’Jun, and Laumphon met together in conference regarding the army of the Beast King, an army that was getting larger by the hour and would surely march to the ruin of these last three countries. They were strong, this 3-headed dragon, and would not allow the Beast King to conquer them, but they could see the toll would be too great. Already they had skirmished with his armies and already their people were growing tired of the costs of war. Thus the Northern Alliance — so recently formed — was dismissed, with one last oath, and that oath was to appease the Beast King.

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