Another Excerpt

I’ve added an excerpt for Totefali in the Library.

Totefali was inspired by a dream, which meant it was really easy to write the first 10 pages, but if I ever forget the imagery, it’s going to be hard to ever come back to it. The idea is fairly interesting.

The dream involved an alleyway with 3 scary dudes who kill somebody, then there’s a hospital and a lot of blood or something.

I developed the plot just a little, and the idea is that this world is like an alternate Earth (Earth having been destroyed some time ago, by the way), connected to several other worlds including Cerinoit. ‘Totefali’ – why that makes any sense as a title, I don’t know, but it stands for ‘through the fairy lights’ (portals). Their world was created as a form of rebellion by a god who wants to use it to destroy Cerinoit and the other gods. That’s all I really remember — but I wrote a bunch of stuff down so someday…..


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