Camp NaNoWriMo 2012

This month shall be my first participating in Camp Nanowrimo, which is like normal Nanowrimo but not in November.

I’m writing a book that I’m calling at the moment ‘Ghost Keeper’ because it sounds nice and no immediate results come up on Amazon for a book search of that title.

‘Ghost Keeper’ is about two kids who get conscripted to train at this facility because they supposedly have the ‘Talent’ of being able to see and talk to ghosts. The facility exists because ghosts hanging around can cause issues, but ghosts can move on if they are able to grant their last wish (or something). The problem is that neither kid is actually a ‘Ghost Mover’. The little brother is a ‘Ghost Keeper’ (rare and very dangerous) and the sister has no Talent at all.

I tried plotting this one out a few months ago so I’d be prepared. My objective was to write a kids book with either a quest or a school, and I decided on a school. I wanted something fairly easy to write (ha.) that I could actually finish.

So far so good. I have 2,100 words and counting. Of course, I’m on vacation at the moment, as soon as I get back to the real world I’ll have a harder time reaching 50,000 words.

There’s the update on that. What’s silly is that Another 3 Minutes is about 2,000 words from the finish and I didn’t manage to get it done before August started. Will it sit in limbo until September? Stay tuned.

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