Janowrimo Update

Well. I am disappointed in myself. I’ve only written 22,000 more words, and in case no one else has noticed, it’s April. Another 3 Minutes isn’t finished yet! I hit a good idea finally but have had much going on in life. I haven’t made the time to write.

I did have eye surgery, which gives me a little bit of an excuse. And did you know Groupon is awesome but oh so dangerous?

So anyway, I’m guessing A3M is going to take 80k or even 90k words to wrap up, leaving plenty of material for book 3. My problem is I have a basic idea of what I think is going to happen, but I’m not sure I really like it. I’m scared of writing! Isn’t that silly?

My next update will be when I’ve finished A3M and am starting on the last book in the trilogy. Because, mark my words, I will finish the trilogy this year.

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