Get Set

I’ve overcome my apparent fear of sequels and the uncertainty I held about the About sequel. Although it’s not November yet, I knew I had to get over this ‘writer’s block’ feeling before then, so when I came up with a beginning scene in my head I had to write it down.

Hurrah! The first 600 words have been written. I’ve decided this one is going to be told in 3rd person (the first is in 1st person). It makes it easier because I can write about things Naomi doesn’t actually see at that point in time, but it makes it harder because I’m not writing inside her head anymore and I have to make sure I keep straight what is going on and what she actually sees. (It’s very confusing.)

In the next couple weeks, I need to finish my skim-read and making-edits of the first book, lay out my plot and character points for the second book, and iron out a few plot points. Things will naturally change as I write, but it’s good to start with a path in mind.

Instead of being apprehensive, I am now excited, and can’t wait for November!

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