Nanowrimo 2022 is ON

Every year for the Nanowrimo challenge (write a novel in a month), I make additional challenges for myself. For example, in 2020 I wanted to write with an unreliable narrator, have a hero who isn’t as much a hero as you think, and fill in gaps in my Ignolopi histories. In 2021, I tried a new genre ‘magical realism’ (which I personally hate to read), and wanted a character who was dealing with a loss.

This year, I said forget it, I just want something easy. What’s the easiest type of fantasy story to write?

A quest.

So I’m going to write a quest. That’s it.

I mean, if it’s a quest, it can probably be another part of my Ignolopi world.

What kind of a quest? It could be religious, I haven’t dealt much with religion before so that would be fun.

The main character is just a kid who is convinced to join this religious group and go on a quest. Simple enough. Of course she was probably abused at home that’s why she’s so eager to up and leave everything. Yeah.

No extra challenges this year.

Just a quest story.

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