WoTF – 2021 Q1 – Super Stephanie

I should have written another mega-awesome story in the time between submitting my last story to the contest.

But I didn’t.

So instead I decided to submit a story I’d written several years ago, which is very cute but not really the type of thing they pick for Writers of the Future (in my opinion).

So I wasn’t too dejected when it was rejected. (No HM this time.) I made a resolution to submit every quarter this year and I MEAN TO KEEP IT.

Here, you can read the beginning!

Super Stephanie

Maybe ‘love’ is something that happens when two people trigger each other’s superpower.


Day 1 

Dear Diary,

Today, an overcast Saturday in January, is the first day of my life. Ignore the last five journals—they might as well be filler episodes for what will be a super adventure series. You see, today, as long as we stick with tradition and count 1am last night as today, I found out I have superpowers. 

I am special. 

I am amazing. 

I am immortal. 

I am now Super Stephanie, your San Francisco neighborhood vigilante. 

I don’t know why this power has been bestowed on me, but it’s perfectly appropriate for a girl living in the Mission District. Just perfect. My first mission (see?) will be tonight, to find out whose dog starts barking at 4am. It’s got to be someone with a yard or someone who survives the winter with their windows open. It’s really been bugging me, especially when I worked at 6:00 in the morning. Remember how I completely changed my school schedule and my work shifts? Yeah, it was practically for that reason alone. Also because I don’t like to wake up before sunrise. Cruel world.

end excerpt

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