Nanowrimo 2020

It’s that time of year again! This year, I’ve been meeting with a couple of my writing buddies every Sunday in October so we can all take time to prep for Nanowrimo. We nailed down our plots and started working on our characters. It’s great to have some time for that so you aren’t spending Nov 1 frantically doing all that… or rather, using that as an excuse to not write muahahahaha.

My book will be an Ignolopi/Cerinoit history that takes place in the very early days of the world. It happens to be another Jarismel history (I did one of those last year), and I think that’s because I don’t have many Jarismel/Istoti histories because… the historian ‘writing’ these histories (Dinian) is from Ignolopi. But also because I have for years and years known about the existence of the Jarismel hero Bodad, but I’ve never written his story. Now is the time.

(Also because the plot exercise we did was kinda fun and I wanted to use it, and Bodad was the only real place it fit.)

Bodad: Warriors of the Bow

And of course I made a cover for it!

Then I started daydreaming about how the Ignolopi stories would stack up as a series.

What would the series name be? Let’s call it Ignolopi for now.

  1. Mirror Image (Ignolopi 1) – the start of the conflicts. Although, it’s not my super favorite book.
  2. ??? (Ignolopi 2) – I think we need another that takes place on Tioryr before moving to the other continents. But what happens between this and Hiko’s Word? (There’s a lot, I just don’t know yet, and it has to do with Dinian, Valen, and artifacts.)
  3. Torn be Mt Tween Ains (Ignolopi 3) – introducing Valen and Effisterneia
  4. Hiko’s Word (Ignolopi 4) – introducing Kisanumi
  5. (Then I imagine there would be one where Valen takes over the world)
  6. (And another where Valen is defeated) (6 books is kinda long though.)

Then there would be a separate series for the histories.

  • Creation Age
    • Garl & Earn + The Green-haired Man (Ignolopi Histories 1)
    • Bodad (Ignolopi Histories 2)
    • Loki
    • Kanin’s Orb
    • Talking Beauty
  • Fairy Age
    • Sasy & Phil
    • A Just and Worthwhile Magic
  • Rabbit Age
    • The rabbit family
    • Sailboat Jaack Rabbit
    • The Bow & The Cheetah (Dinian backstory)
    • (then we catch up to modern-day-Ignolopi)

So that’s where my mind has been. It yearns for more~

Also I really hate WordPress’ new block editor. It made doing that simple bullet formatting a pain in the butt. I won’t try to do anything “complicated” again.

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