Magic on the island shores…

It sounds wonderful. It only means that I took a 1 week vacation to Hawaii during Nanowrimo, and spent half of that vacation writing A JUST AND WORTHWHILE MAGIC, the other half in the ocean. Oh, and the last half reading.

In A JUST AND WORTHWHILE MAGIC, the warrior lady Jesyka meets a wounded dragon in the forest, who tasks her with the quest of stealing a healing spellbook from a witch. The dragon, picturing the only kind of knight he’d ever known, transforms Jesyka into her male counterpart, with plate armor—she hates plate armor—so she can be strong enough to complete this quest. Unfortunately, that means her armies won’t follow her, and she is forced to set off with two mysterious companions across the continent in search of the Witch Beyond the Wall….

The idea came about as the result of a storytelling game (Once Upon A Time), and it appealed to me for a few fun plot points. 1. The capable warrior who can’t fight in her new body, 2. the male love interest who doesn’t know if he fell for the guy Jes or the girl Jesyka, 3. the impossible quest that even when completed doesn’t fix anything, and 4. I could fit this story nicely into an Ignolopi time period that is scarcely populated (with novels), featuring a Jarismel warrior (giving us a little more background into their culture before ‘modern day’).

About halfway through the Nanowrimo word goal I was worried I wouldn’t make it. So I threw in a couple side-plots and drew out the middle-end part. I ended over 70,000 words (go figure), beating out my previous record (BEWARE: This is a Work of Fiction) by 1.5k. More words doesn’t make it better, though. It needs more plot elements or some serious cuts. Or both. I tend to ramble. And the Wisle side-plot didn’t add anything to the story, except they got to fight a unicorn.

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