Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Probably the most difficult Nanowrimo novel I’ve chosen for myself, Pumpkin Eater is a tale of deception where the reader is the one who is fooled.

A tragic heroine. An evil husband. A sympathetic marquis. …Except it’s really a scheming girl and her lover determined to ruin a lonely, heartbroken duke and steal his land and his magical accomplishments. You can read all about the plan in Ready for Nanowrimo.

The story came out. It came out really well when writing the girl’s part. She was bright and cheerful and sympathetic. Except it’s all a lie and it was reeeaaaallly hard to turn around and paint her as the villain. I wanted to do it in a series of letters, so I did… and they turned out very dry. Then I threw in some other plot elements that were never really explained (involving this war they talked about and this childhood friend of the duke’s) and had a long drawn-out court scene at the end where Piotr is exonerated and everything is explained tidily and boringly.

…At least it’s better than the original.

I finished just over 60,000 words.

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