NaNoWriMo & new poetry

It’s November! I knew that. I just neglect my poor blog.

With November comes NaNoWriMo, a fun writing challenge that challenges your writing kind of but mostly challenges your dedication and ability to stick with a project until the end. For this reason I recommend NaNoWriMo to everyone as a rite of passage.

I jumped ahead with my first real day of writing and am ahead of schedule at 14k words. This is a good sign. Especially since I’m studying for my Black Belt (2-dan) test at the same time. It just goes to prove that the busier I am the more efficiently I use my time. Also it proves that we are never as busy as we think we are. My younger sister is recovering from a car crash so isn’t working and is only taking 2 classes at school. She insists she’s terribly busy and stressed about her classes (she gets mostly As). Not that I don’t believe her, I just laugh.


As a special bonus to the blogosphere (Be It An Everlasting Existence) I’ve added some more of my poetry. See the Poetry page. None of it is really new, but I finally have the courage to share it with the world. Or the one person who reads my blog? (That’s me!)

At least read Salutations, My Demo, it should be entertaining.

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